Metaphysical Coaching

Metaphysical Coaching is a technique that allows the individual to live a life more balanced, freeing yourself from conditionings that limit you, to free you from traumas held in the cells of your body without having to re-live the experience but simply by tapping into your emotions, instincts and dissolving and re-balancing them. So you can heal and become the best version of yourSelf!

The journey is endless and exciting…the more we dive in, the more we discover and become our best teacher and healer.

Traumas can be addressed through this gentle guided coaching session as well as diseases which are very often an expression of some repressed emotions. It can help with understanding the psychosomatic patterns related to conditions. During a session we might discover that what we manifest in our bodies are connected to ancestral baggage or what happened during the womb’s stages. Womb session are offered to heal the trauma of birth, as well as cutting the cords with people in our lives that are still impacting us negatively. Addictions can be addressed and many other conditions like blockages that present us from moving on.



1 hour: £90
1h30: £130


“I am very grateful to Sandrine. Each time I have had a massage with her she has navigated directly to where there is most tension and knows how to release it. Her body work is healing and nurturing and I would see her every day if i could! I have also been lucky enough to explore Metaphysical Anatomy healing with Sandrine and I noticed some big shifts after just one session, working on a specific pattern of self doubt and self sabotage to release it.”
– Adam, London