A prayer

Here is a beautiful prayer shared by Caroline Myss in one of her recent workshop…

​Let me imagine That I am dying Lord​.
Let me imagine that I am leaving this world,
And preparing to say farewell to this life that I have been given,
And to everyone I have walked this life with.

Let me feel the depth of that anguish
In my heart and soul farewell.

I need to feel that feeling.

I need to feel and to know how much I would break in sadness so that I might
Wake in gratitude for this life that I have, for every second, for every minute, for every Breath of this life that I have.

Let me feel the sorrow of parting with those I love so much,
That I may never see them again so that I may not feel anger but that I may look at them With gratitude and wonder that they are with me.

Let me look at every flower in nature as a miracle of creation,
Knowing that when I die I will Never touch one of them again.

Let me wake up every morning knowing that everyday could be my last
And everyday I must be fully in each day of my life, not in yesterday, and not worry about tomorrow.

I must give each day the best of all I am.

So let me visit my end so I might start yet again with the fullness of my life.

I want my soul to be in charge of my life’s choices now, do not want to waste my life dwelling in pettiness or anger, pride or disappointment, wanting what might never happen, regretting what never did happen.

Keep me from creating my own suffering and harming others in the process.
Hover over me Lord, with Grace and Guidance.



                                       I feel drawn to write today as I am about to fly back to Mexico after 6 weeks spent mainly in the sacred valley of Peru and Copacabana in Bolivia to walk once more across the Island of The Sun. What a fruitful time and as I was walking across that magical, mystical island/land few days ago I came to receive many messages (note: when I write that I receive, the source is always the same, within) and today I want to share to inspire us to live more authentically, from the heart.

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Love your bellies

Have you ever had your abdomen massaged? Most people will say no and very often many of us would be quite reluctant to have this part of our bodies touched and seen. That has always surprised me. What most of us do not know though is how beneficial this kind of therapy can help on so many levels.

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Therapy of the month!

     More and more I try to introduce people to that wonderful therapy called Craniosacral therapy. What is it? Before anything more is written, let’s say it is just magical!

     Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that has its roots in the early 1900s in the osteopathic field. It has evolved over the years into different forms. It could be divided as a more structural approach, which is considered the biomechanics method, or/and as a  biodynamic system, which would be more considered spiritual or energetic approach (which is how I  use it).
     What it does is detect the subtle imbalances in the basic rhythm of the body by listening deeply and awakening to the sacred presence of body intelligence. The practitioner places his or her hands at different places of the body, listen and help the body release the blockages. The light listening touch of CST (Craniosacral therapy) awakens your body to a deeper awareness and recognition of where tension is held and how to release  it safely.
It can treat many conditions from high levels of stress, jaw tension, headaches, insomnia, babies with colic, neck, back issues and much more. In general people who have been treated with it will report a better sense of well-being, feel more balanced, sometimes sleep for the first time in years after just few minutes, and results are often much more profound than they expected.
     It can be a treatment as itself or can be combined with a massage, or other therapy. 
Until I see you next, stay warm and well.