You Are Enough


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On this last new moon for 2017 in Sagittarius which is the sign of truth and adventure , I would like to send you my heartfelt wishes for Christmas and the new year. Set your intentions strongly as we are supported by the moon, the solstice and then the return of the light! 

     May we find balance, peace, be all healthy, and remember that we are all more than enough…

I won’t be long today as we are all busy preparing for either some quiet time (yes!!!) or some busy family’s time, but I would love to share a story picked up from the last book of Javier Regueiro on the plant San Pedro…that story resonated with me and has made me  reflect a lot the last few days in a positive way.

So take a deep breath, sit back and let these words touch your heart and remind you of your preciousness however small you think you are (even though you/we are not!)

“The power of small things.(…)

A long time ago, a wild fire that was threatening the survival of all living creatures on earth broke out. All the animals gathered to discuss the situation and find a solution to this impending  disaster. As they were talking, someone finally noticed a tiny hummingbird flying back and forth between the fire and a nearby creek, carrying a single drop of water to the fire each time. When asked what he was doing, the hummingbird replied simply: I am doing what I can.”

May we remember that we all count and that without each one of us this universe will be missing a piece/peace; that we are here to make the world a better place as we are hosted for a short time, by doing our best all ways, always.




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