Metaphysical Anatomy Healing

Introducing Metaphysical Anatomy Healing…

We have all suffered to some extent from traumas…and depending on our levels of sensitivity we will be more or less affected. If not addressed traumas stay within us and symptoms start manifesting as our bodies are truth meters, trying to get our attention by sending us signals. It can be expressed through addictions (and addictions are not just what society considers the most obvious ones like alcohol and drugs…what about negative thinking, food, shopping, technologies…you get the idea!), diseases of the body or the mind, accidents that are very often triggered by self sabotage patterns, anxiety and on and on!!!
If you feel that you are affected and that you are not living your life fully then know that your right is to live a life that is potential driven. And of course this is different for all of us. Metaphysical Anatomy helps you to live a life more balanced, freeing yourself from conditioning that limit you, to free you from traumas held in the cells of your body without having to re-live the trauma but simply by tapping into your emotions, instincts and dissolving and re-balancing that. So you can heal and become the best version of yourSelf!
The journey is endless and exciting…the more we dive in, the more we discover and become our best teacher, healer, friend, lover. I believe we can heal ourselves ( and sometimes we can even be healed though the body might appear to be sick, but that is another subject of discussion). We are powerful, the light, an expression of God.

So if you feel limited by old traumas, if you deal with addictions that you sense do not serve you anymore (everything has a purpose until it is no more needed…I can attest to that!), or you are dealing with a condition in your body, Metaphysical Anatomy might be what you need. The session is taking you through a healing journey during which we use some guidance and tools to help you connect with your emotions, and look at many things that contribute to you holding on. It could even be that you are carrying your ancestors in your cells and their stories…Fascinating, isn’t it???
Wouldn’t you like to live a life free of emotional baggage and be the light that you are?

I would be honored to be part of your journeydiploma.

Sessions are held at evolve in South Kensington or through skype and are £80 an hour.

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