The Art of Healing

Having taken a 2 weeks break in Thailand where I used to live and visit on many occasions allowed me to put some distance between my busy life in London, mainly spent working and studying, and enjoying receiving treatments and learning as, in a way, when you are a therapist, you can never really switch off…I mean you can but never fully!

            I have learned over the years to select the people I receive from because the more sensitive you become to these fields of energies around you the more you treat your body and mind in a loving and more respectful way.


            Shortly after arriving I started getting abdominal work which is my passion. Through this type of massage I have healed many aspects of myself (and still do), and accessed  my deeper knowledge/wisdom.

            Over the years I have always questioned myself and have asked some of my regulars to give me what I call positive criticism as I believe we always learn and I want to keep on evolving in the art of teaching and massaging which are my passions.

            As I was receiving my second massage in my first 4 days being here I felt the quality of the person working on me. I realized  how very often in a place like London we rush in and out of a session, when here they take the time to pray to the God of Massage or their teachers first. We have lost to some extend that sacredness and I would love to bring it back even more. I felt the hands of the person working on me with love for what she does and I thought about what sometimes happens in my sessions back home…

            Very often there is talking and I have to admit that the more I grow into what I am doing for now the less I like it. As for me, when I receive you’d better not engage in a dialogue as this is my time and I want to feel sense and listen! I am okay with some catching up but I know that when I mainly work in silence this is for me a meditation and the quality of my work is deeper…

            I know the benefits of taking the time to integrate after a session and this is why as much as my body and I would love to receive more body work in London I sometimes don’t go because then what? I have to teach a class or give 2 more massages? I want to receive and it takes quality time after which I have to say I am lucky to have created here for myself. I have felt more and more the frustration recently, especially when working on someone trying to become pregnant either naturally or through other methods  when they tell me they have to go back to work or they go out that evening. At that stage what I want to say is: why?,  because the truth is you need some time after to be with yourself. An abdominal work can move a lot, not just physically but emotionally and if we are talking about healing this is what it is all about…being and facing our own self, getting in touch with our true truth so that we heal these aspects of ourselves, so that we become healthier and more accepting, and in the case of becoming pregnant   so that we welcome a soul through us.


            I could go on because really I saw a lot the last few months and in the last few days but the main message is that I want to take my work on a deeper level. I feel that I teach from a place of integrity already (which is sincere not serious) I hope, and in terms of massages, and here mainly the abdominal work I do/share, I want to help people by being in a silent dialogue where my hands and your body talk to each other. I always ask for feedback in terms of pressure and temperature and so on, but this is not what I mention  here. We are all here, on this Mother earth, sharing our qualities, our unique way of putting our Love out there, and I feel it is time I let how I really want to work come out and benefit you…as I care.

            Healing happens through deep listening, by connecting, by being, by remembering that all is Love.


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