I feel drawn to write today as I am about to fly back to Mexico after 6 weeks spent mainly in the sacred valley of Peru and Copacabana in Bolivia to walk once more across the Island of The Sun. What a fruitful time and as I was walking across that magical, mystical island/land few days ago I came to receive many messages (note: when I write that I receive, the source is always the same, within) and today I want to share to inspire us to live more authentically, from the heart.


I was reflecting recently even more than ever on what it is that I am doing! I started travelling many years ago hoping I would find answers to my internal struggle of being in this human form, of not really getting what it is to be alive or how the world works…It has taken me on many journeys physical and esoteric for a better word. I do not regret anything and I know that the exploration is never ending until I take my last breath in this form I inhabit now. What happens after does not even interest me as for now I have this body, this time and I need to make the best of this shot called Life! So I travelled at times to escape but also because it is in my nature to understand (I wish no one to be in my head. I am always thinking, analysing, trying to make sense of everything!), to explore, to be curious (this is in my stars according to Mayan tradition, Vedic and Western astrology! Sorry I can’t change that one!). I saw beautiful landscapes, visited many sacred spaces, was confronted with terrible poverty, met amazing people (I wish I had been more open many years ago to be in the same flow I am now!), great teachers, healers, humble ones and big names! I tried everything from yoga to meditation, passing by fasting, standing on my head 45minutes, chanting things in languages I didn’t understand, temazcals, body work, shamanic ceremonies, walking on fire, reading, studying, silent retreats, holding my breath, re-birthing sessions, and much more…The result? I am not sure. As a good friend shared with me 2 years ago while walking in the jungle of Costa Rica, if what we do does not make us a better person, a more loving one, then what is the point? Yes, I get that one. For a while I thought I was more spiritual (between us I dislike that world as it means nothing…everything is spirit infused but for a better word I will use that) and I have seen that a lot recently amongst seekers, but basically I was full of BS. We just have many spiritual experiences but does it mean we are it? No I feel it is one way of experiencing life and we all have our way. And your way is your way. I saw more than ever that while I am doing all these things I forget that life is happening right now. And it requires my presence.


As I was walking I got that message…”You have been to all these sacred places and have done all these things to be reminded that the most sacred is within. Yes it is all within. We are god looking for ourselves outside to finally see that, all we see, is us in a different shape as god is infinite” (Again, god is one of this word that has bad press, so call it how you wish, Life force, Energy…The Universe?). Such a great farce! And I was shown once more that all is sacred. I am not sure of where this is going, or what I want to express apart from the fact that we are blessed to have this life and all that is needed is to be ourselves fully, in our unique expression and it will be different for all of us so we can experience ourselves from many angles. All is well in this crazy world. I have allowed my heart recently to be broken open/soften up (Thank you R for reminding that words are key!) by so much grace, love and perfection. It does not mean all is well, actually yes, it means all is well but the ego won’t see it this way. Life comes with all sorts of things for us to grow, to evolve, to get to know ourselves fully and to love.


I feel nowadays a bit more blessed to be me, to know you, to have seen so much, to have learned recently even more than ever that community is what keeps us healthy and to have lived until now. I want now to give back; I feel that in these last few weeks I have been initiated into a new stage of my life. I am not sure yet what, where, but I trust…that gut feeling. Yes that one, the one that most of us deny simply because it means following your heart, taking full responsibility and maybe disappointing few or many people. Don’t worry, they will recover. It has been like that for a long time. Be yourself, follow the calling, drop the head (just use it for practical things, so not completely!). Right now, please, close your eyes, and bring one hand on your belly and one on your heart. Breathe and listen.
This is what I talk about. If you are reading these words you have reopened your eyes. It is that simple, to quiet the mind, listen and be willing to see what is shown. It is all within, me, you, us, them…
May you be well and blessed with every single step, here and there.


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